triangle 方舟智慧
Unique collecting platform for integration of 3D virtual and reality
Evolution of 3D modeling and VR in the new age of 5G
Cross-Border E-commerce+/Digital restoration

With the exclusive patented MMC tech and Data computing, the 3D modeling takes only 10% of time of the traditional method requires. It could reduce the cost, and raise the resolution to 8K. All the details of antiques, treasures and products can be perfectly revealed with the Matrix Compound camera tech. You will be able to browse the item in 720° on your mobile phone or any device.
Exclusive patent
720 Multi-lences scanning
Advanced computing
process of high simulation
browsing without downloading
Right-Spiraling Conch 長18.9公分 寬9.4公分 / 清 乾隆 西元1736-1795年
Brought to Taiwan by Fukang'an in 1787, Qing dynasty

Ark Video
Patented Tech

With outstanding ARK3D-720 technology, Ark Wisdom leads the development of art technology. Along with exclusive exclusive Art-Treasure, we give you the 3D image with 8K precision and the composition takes only 10% of time of traditional technique.